full processing box technology

New Full Processing Box Technology !!

Yes! We did developed our own advanced hardware to get more speed from a simcard.

Take Advantage Now of this new 4G Mobile Full Band Hardware !

Why is it the Best Professional Proxy?

FoxyProxy Exclusive Tecnology

We have developed our own advanced tecnology to use with real 4G simcards.

full processing box 4g mobile proxy

Non Stop Service

The Full Processing Box Technology developed by our tech guys does not uses dongles or cell phones that always stops working due to so many reasons.

Proxy 4g com velocidade

Full Band Speed

Our tecnology allows us to take advantage of full speed that the 4G mobile network can deliver.


Unlimited GigaBytes

Take advantage of our ilimited use of navegation plan.

4g proxy rotational ips

Rotational IPs

Its thousands of IPV4 addresses for you to use as you wish. IPs are automaticaly renewed each 2-5 minutes.

Save your Social Automation

Unblock your social network accounts with our reliable and fleg free 4G Mobile Proxies.


The Best for Scraping

Use the advantage of our IP quick rotation to scrape lots of data.


The Solution for your bot

Power up your bots using FoxyProxy mobile 4G proxies.


Only Dedicated SimCards

Be confortable, we never share Simcards channels between customers.

All Open Traffic

There is no blocked or limited network or social media like:

• Instagram
• Facebook
• TikTok
• Linkedin
• And More…

Whatsapp Support!

Yes, you will be in touch with us via Whatsapp.


Advanced Raw SimCard Channel

Its a real raw and unmodified 4G mobile connection. Exactly same kind used by real users.

Why choose us as 4G Proxy Provider?

4G Mobile Proxy - 1 channel

*Ilimited navigation for 30 days
$ 54 Month
  • ILIMITED Access to Websites
  • Dedicated Simcard Channel
  • Ideal for IG/FB Accounts
  • Real 4G Mobile Proxy
  • Clean Unflegued IPs
  • High IP Trust Score
  • Up to 10 Social Acc.
  • 2-5 min. IP Rotation
  • Multiple Carriers
  • Pay with BTC
  • Brazilian IPs


Get Relevant Info Here

Its a internet navigation through a fisical Cell Phone Simcard.

It can provide much more security for several uses, like social automation, scraping, etc.

Our IPs are from Brazil.

However, many automation companies from Europe and US takes advantages of our 4G Full Processing Box Speed Tecnology.

We are a brazilian companhy, and soon enough we will have proxies in US, Europe and more…

Our IPs rotates every 2-5 minutes to ensure a rapid and constant change of IPs.

Of course we use always IPs of the same location in the rotation process.

The general concept is 5-10 accounts.

There are no technical limitations for that, but is not recomended to put more due to increase of the chance of blocks.

You can put for instance 8 FB + 5 IG + 7 Twitter. 

Important is not to put more than 10 accounts of the same social network.

Our product is unlimited data. Even though some carriers limit data to 30GB and then slow down speeds.

But we can deal if you need more than 30GB.

In this case, just contact us.

Its up to 40Mbps, depending of the carrier in use and where your are.

We ask for 24hrs but most of the time we deliver it in just a few hours.

One at the time, but understand that after automatic 2-5 minutes rotation you are gonna get a new IP from our pool.

Its 99%.

Eventualy we do certain maitenance to keep and increase proxies speed.

We work with Paypal to ensure the security of the payments wordwide.

So most credit cards are accepted.

For instance, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Google.

Basically all of them.

We do not limit navigation.


Its a simcard RAW channel for real.

Our speed are higher than most providers because of our Full Processing Box Tecnology.

We dont limit number of threads. You can use as many threads as the bandwitch can handle.

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